Puppy Prospects & Started Dogs

Summit Service Dogs offers Labrador pups that are temperament & health tested from proven lines. These pups have moved through our extensive puppy kindergarten program using proven protocols that give your pup the best chance of success as a service dog. We offer puppies and started service dog prospects at various ages and stages of training.


Summit it proud to be able to offer the full experience to the owner trainer with our knowledge and expertise in puppy development, selection and the training of a Service Dog.

Discover the Difference

Our puppies grow and develop with their mom and littermates under our watchful eye. We are very involved in their development, bringing forward practices that have been proven to improve cognitive and brain function. We formulate puppy socialization as they grow. This gives them the confidence & trainability they need to be able to be great prospects for families or individuals to train in our owner trained program, or to start their Summit journey in the fully trained program. We are also able to offer pups to owner trainers as a started prospect at various ages and stages in their journey.

Pictured Above & Below Are Our Puppies during Their Socialization Process Before They Are Ready For New Homes
Our puppies are loved even before they are born

Every litter with Summit Service Dogs is bred with the intention of producing the next superstars. The parents are health tested, CKC reg’d Labradors that come from well respected genetics across North America. Summit is committed to using parent dogs with calm, stable temperaments to produce prospects that integrate into families well and can handle the rigors of service work. Our lines have produced 50+ government certified service dogs to date with other organizations and owner trained dogs.

Pictured Above Are Some Of Our Sweet Babies

Our Prospects Are Carefully Chosen

We are very selective with the dogs we choose to work with. From our litters we will select the very best prospects to move forward with. Not every dog is meant to be a service dog and we take that notion very seriously. Our dogs are selected for their temperament and trainability. We use different puppy apptitude tests as well as giving them opportunities to show their willingness to connect with their handler away from home. After careful consideration we select the pups that have the best potential to be successful. 

Some Of Our Prospects Above & Below

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