Fully Trained Program

Fully Trained Service Dog Program

Summit Service Dogs offers professionally trained and certified Service Dogs in the province of Alberta. We can train service dogs to provide support for Autism, Medical Alert & Response, Mobility, PTSD & Facility Dogs. 

What's Important to us in Our Fully Trained Program

Our vison right from the start was to have our program focus on QUALITY. We are a small program, which enables us to concentrate on the little details. Doing so allows us to do what is right for our clients & also for our dogs.

Summit dogs are placed where above all else they will be cherished & valued as partners.

Our dogs are handled by professionals from the time they are born to the time they have completed training. We know every single experience our dogs have had and how they have processed it. We have been present every step of the way.

We are able to know our dogs well and therefore treat them as individuals. Instead of providing them with blanket coverage training we are able to tailor their training with what they need to be successful. If at any time we find our dogs not enjoying their training and the path their lives are headed, we will place them in loving pet homes. That may mean that we will place dogs as pets anywhere from 6 months – 18 months old if we feel they wouldn’t enjoy and excel at their job.

Our dogs are raised in the environment they will serve. We consider our “JR Trainers” (our children) to be an advantage to our service pups in training. We aren’t just “training” them to preform; our dogs literally grow up sharing their lives with our children.

We are very selective with the dogs we choose to work with. From our litters we will select the very best prospects to move forward with. Not every dog is meant to be a service dog and we take that notion very seriously. Our dogs are selected not only for temperament but also for health. This means before being placed with a client our dogs have had their hip and elbow OFA certifications, eyes examined by an ophthalmologist and their hearts cleared by a cardiologist.

We provide positive reinforcement training to our dogs. We do not use adverse equipment or training techniques. In this way we can create happy, confident, engaged learners that later go on to become valued partners.

What Does This Mean?

Summit Service Dogs will train dogs for children & adults that have a medical requirement that benefits them from having a service dog as well as offering facility dogs for organizations that require them. We provide team training and after sale support.

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