Summit Service Dogs: Partners Designed For Greatness

Summit Service Dogs offers professionally trained and certified Service Dogs in the province of Alberta. Owner trained programs are available in Calgary, Medicine Hat & Edmonton. We can train service dogs to provide support for Autism, Medical Alert & Response, Mobility, PTSD & Facility Dogs.

Our Programs

Fully Trained Service Dogs

Summit Service Dogs will train dogs for children & adults that have a medical requirement that benefits them from having a service dog as well as offering facility dogs for organizations that require them. We provide team training and after sale support.

Owner Trained Service Dogs

Our team of experienced service dog trainers will be dedicated to work alongside you and your service dog in training to support your individual needs. We will work seamlessly with you to gain the skills and confidence necessary to be a successful service dog team.

Puppy Prospects & Started Dogs

We offer temperament and health tested pups from proven lines. These pups have moved through our extensive puppy kindergarten program using proven protocols that give your pup the best chance of success as a service dog. We also offer started service dog prospects at various ages and stages of training.

Community Outreach & Facility Visits

Summit Service Dogs and pups in training will provide group and individual support in our community. They can be seen in action during nursing home visits, reading buddies in schools, corporate events, hospital/recovery center visits, children's birthday parties and puppy yoga sessions.

Getting to know Summit

Summit Service Dogs was born with the intention of helping children to reach for the top of their mountain. To achieve greatness and to “reach the peak” as summit is defined. The climb may not be easy and there are challenges that lie ahead but with a Summit Service Dog as a partner by their side greatness is attainable!

We specialize in service dogs for children. These highly trained dogs enable a child and their family who may otherwise feel isolated and alone to gain inclusion, safety and independence. They also serve as a motivator, companion, stress reducer and foster social interactions.

Summit Service Dogs raises and trains their dogs ethically and with integrity. Their knowledge, passion and commitment to quality and professionalism is evident. Summit dogs are trained using positive reinforcement without the use of adverse techniques or equipment. At Summit Service Dogs you will find Labradors that are purposefully bred, raised and trained. Stable temperaments, excellent health and quality genetics are found in the dogs that make up the program. 

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